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History Beija-Flor


How the name Beija-flor group came about

The name Beija-Flor came when I had the first contact with capoeira.

I asked one of the capoeiristas of the beach to make a capoeira movement and he did the Beija-Flor. The movement was so beautiful that I loved it and never forgot it again. I started to try the movement and it was the first that I could do, and its the movement that best characterizes capoeira.  Whenever a capoeira movement is requested from a capoeirista, the Beija-Flor is the most usual thing to do. When I founded the group, I found the name Beija-Flor the most beautiful and appropriate.

How did the group logo came about

Each element of the logo has a special meaning:

  • The bird Beija-flor (Humming bird) - symbolizes freedom because it is a bird that does not go into captivity;

  • Blue - represents all freedom,for exemple,  the sky;

  • Red - the passion for capoeira and blood shed by the slaves;

  • Yellow (gold) - the quality of the beija flor  group;

  • White - purity;

  • Black color - the black slave;

The slogan of the group Friendship, Union and Strength

Friendship is part of who I am and my philosophy of life. I try to and make friends wherever I go and I love being with people.  Union is when we all come together to achieve something better and beneficial to all.  Strength is what arises from friendship and unity, being in a group where these feelings and this philosophy exist an unequaled strength is born where ...


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